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Having just moved from Southern California, we were a little skeptical about hiring someone to put up a fence for us, when we were so new to the area. Roy and his assistant came out to our house and gave us a written estimate. It was more than fair. When it was time to put the fence in, he showed up with his crew and put a piece of cardboard under their truck so that they would not get oil on our new driveway. We didn't even have to ask them to do it! They up the posts and a day or so later when the cement was set, his crew came back out and finished our fence. They were professional, knowledgeable, and did better work than anything else we had seen in the Jacksonville area. They cleaned up after themselves. The fence was important to us because we have a large dog (Doberman) and needed for it to withstand her... and any weather that might come up against it. It has held up through both the dog and weather! If Assurance Fence was in California, people would wait a year just to get a fence of this quality! Roy gave us a choice of gates for our fence. We love them! The hardware fits perfectly. The gates were hung correctly. Perfect! We highly recommend Assurance Fence!

Curtis & Lauren Hill
Richlands, NC

We are thoroughly amazed—from start to finish, our fence was done in two days! We had neighbors around us who were using other companies who had fence posts in their yard for weeks before our fence was started—and then ours was done and they still didn't have a finished fence! Roy and his crew are wonderful! We would highly recommend Assurance Fence Company to anyone we know—and in fact, we already have!

Thomas & Jennifer Hudson
Jacksonville, NC